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What our customers think of us:

The Fastest PT and OT EMR
Fully Integrated and Outpatient Rehab Specific

Highest MIPS Compliance

Systems 4PT provides:

  • A 20-second average MIPS workflow
  • The demonstrated highest scores
  • No extra charge

An integrated patient portal, including patient entered outcome data leveraged to recommend 300 - 500 words of required MIPS defensive documentation. Touch Free.

Here's Why Practices Are 

Switching to Systems 4PT

Treat More, Type Less

Systems 4PT is the Fastest EMR in Outpatient Rehab

A Systems 4PT evaluation takes half the time and contains twice the compliance vs. any other EMR.

Industry leading technology recommends an average 1,200 patient-specific words on each eval, saving an average of 12 minutes of typing.

Medicare compliance is vastly superior to anything else in outpatient rehab because you’re working on a supercomputer.

Our Practices’ Collections Results Speak for Themselves

Our customers average a 9% increase in collections vs. their prior approach to billing (we measure before vs. after with each installation).

Integrated payer rules guide staff to create clean claims that get paid, with a first-pass claim acceptance rate of 99.87%.

Integrated in One Database

Scheduling, EMR, Billing, Outcomes, and Management Reporting are all integrated in one database.

Systems 4PT collections and efficiencies are measurably higher vs. other PT EMRs that tack on separate billing software.


With Systems 4PT we are collecting a lot more money.   And we are collecting our money twice as fast.

Jamie Rockwin, PT, DPT 

Director, Therapeutic Solutions 

Thanks for giving me my life back. With my old web-based EMR, we spent nights and weekends documenting. Now we’re treating more patients and going home on time.

Charles Donley, PT 

Owner, Regional Rehab 

“Thank you Systems 4PT for making it possible for me to document at work and not after hours! 

Denise Keehn, PT

Northern Valley Physical Therapy 

Here's Why Practices Are 

Switching to Systems 4PT